STATUSProposal - Architectural Permit

Architects: 3T. ARCHITECTS
Architect: Maria Sfyraki




The Mediterranean land is all about being outside. The aim of the private residence “The Cross”, is to merge internal and external space, maximising the qualities of the interior structure and also minimising the impact on the surrounding landscape of the olive grove.

The orientation of the site, the layout of the olive trees, the downhill terra and the view, define the main guidlines of the synthesis. The volumes are placed on the axes of a cross. The vertical axis takes on the function of movement, from the glass entrance door to the aerial balcony of the living room. Throughout the axis the resident can see the view of the sea. The horizontal axis takes on the unite of the master bedroom with an office space and also the kitchen area. In the centre of the cross is the dining area.

Every gathering room has its own external space. The kitchen a sheltered deck with an olive tree. The dining area a cobbled yard expanding in two levels. The living room is stretched, in parallel with the sea view, with the pool strategically been placed in the middle of a stone and wooden exterior landform to enjoy the view but also to create a cooling breeze over the terrace and into the house as the north wind flows uphill and over its surface.

The white volumes of the residence, the minipal parts of concrete, the wooden pergolas and the shading partitions emerged through the olive grove, resembling a traditional settlement.

3D Presentation 9