STATUSProposal - Architectural Permit

Architects: 3T. ARCHITECTS
Architect: Maria Sfyraki




The landscape ingredients are so vivid, that automatically you draw a black linear cursive on white paper. It directs towards the sea. The site offers a gentle slope and the overall surrounding geography embrace the Patraikos Bay. The linear cursive is materialised into a high concrete wall acting as a section of the land and the structure. The wall has a multiple character; inside the house constitute the boundary between private and public spaces; outside act as the leading figure for the visitor, whether he takes the aerial ramp towards the belvedere of the first floor, or he descend down the stone steps leading towards the big scale glass facade of the main entrance.

The main floor plan is fractured into cubic functional forms, on both sides of the concrete cursive, and each one of them has its own landscape configuration. The first floor, acting as a belvedere placed parallel to the coastline.

Τhe residence volumes, all in whitewashed roughcast, are accompanied by wooden pergola structures. The landscape of the pool, in linear configuration, just follows the direction of the concrete cursive; trying to reach out for the sea.

3D Presentation 12