“Architecture is the one art form no one can avoid”
Le Corbusier


We address to Architecture as a “social art” and as a means creating places and spaces that have a positive impact on people’s everyday life, and on the immediate and wider environment need’s. We provide Architectural design services from preliminary sketches, inception and feasibility stages through detailed design, construction information, site supervision, to completion and post occupancy.

“The form of a city changes more quickly than the heart of a mortal”


We work with the existing urban fabric with our interests focus on the interactions between the physical and social worlds in the contemporary city and how rapid urbanization affects social and environmental sustainability. From large scale inner city regeneration to urban extensions and the creation of new urban landscapes, we provide everything from conceptual proposals, to urban design strategies, sustainable urban policies and development frameworks, all based upon analysis, evaluation, engagement ensuring economic viability and long term sustainability.

“Landscapes are mirrors of paradise”
Fernando Caruncho


A garden is a spiritual experience represented through the elements of nature. It is a question of a way of seeing life, a way of seeing the spirit of the world, the beauty of the world. Our design team believes into the great importance of the connection between landscape, garden, architecture and man.

“The Eye Has to Travel”
Diana Vreeland


We offer an interior design service which is tailored to our clients’ vision, project and cost parameters. We strongly believe in a more flexible and adaptable design, allowing for change in operational patterns and providing opportunities for unique customization. We design not just for delivering an excellent visual impact, but rather for health, comfort, flexibility, ease of use and sustainable performance. Our service is integrated with our multi-disciplinary team, including branding, FF&E and 3D visualization as part of our service. And our main concern is to be able to give our clients not just what they want but to give them what they do not know they want yet.

“The freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves is… one of the most precious yet most neglected of our human rights”
D. Harvey, The Right to the City


We believe that the spatial configuration of cities and urban development’s will have to fundamentally change to facilitate the transition towards a green economy. Environmental design and sustainability as a social everyday practice is central to everything we do; it is our ethos. We apply our expertise to help clients to represent constructed schemes that reduce energy use by exploring every possibility that their building, whether new build or refurbishment, offers. Our services start with the analysis of all the natural resources available on a site: solar orientation & shading, wind speed and direction, availability of water above and below ground, seasonal and diurnal temperatures; vital environmental parameters that we also use for developing options for the building form, fabric and façade that will maximize the opportunity for passive conditioning.

“Urban Space is the outcome of synoecism; a form of social art;
a fundamental means of making society and everyday life visible”
Henri Lefebvre


Our Sustainability Consultancy represents a natural progression of our core objective to meet the needs of our clients by developing well-integrated buildings with simple systems that work with natural laws of physics to increase well-being, reduce energy consumption and contribute back to the greater environment. Working collaboratively with our clients we help develop sustainable design strategies that are specifically tailored to the project. These are honed and supported throughout the pre-design, executive-design and construction process with leading edge advice, to ensure that good intentions are delivered in practice.

“Good work comes from tears where no one
accounts for the origin of the idea”
Renzo Piano


Our design method is stimulated by a love of detail and exactness. It is a game between simplicity of principle and complexity of detail. The design team play a key role throughout the design and construction phases, from programming, change control, and procurement to document control, payments and risk management.

“Sustainability is a social responsibility”
Maria Sfyraki


We strongly believe in building a sustainable future. Sustainability of the European society and economy will be based on renewable energy and high resource efficiency. The European legislation (recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) makes nZEBs a standard for new buildings by 2020. Our office has long believed in design being holistic and respectful of the needs of people and planet. Our design method is based on meticulous attention to detail and rigorous design and construction according to principles of sustainability. It is all about of how we build better. It is how we feel better.