LOCATIONL. Posidonos 46, Alimos
TYPEFlagship Store

Architects & Progect Management: Maria Sfyraki & Associates
Project Management: Maria Sfyraki & Associates
Identity | Branding: ABOUT: advertising agency
Woodwork: De-code
Prints & Copts: Argyris Karras
Photographer: Anastasia Adamaki

Main Suppliers:
Plants: Kitantzis Plants S.A.
Decorative Stones: Hermes S.A. Decorative Materials
Ceramic Shades: Patiris
Furniture: Home & Hotel Deco
Rugs & Decoratives: Fiori flowers design philosophy
3D Plexi Letters: Jesign
External Signage: Margaronis signs construction




The Mediterranean Land has infite points: an arc, a roof, a mountain, a river, a stream, a stone, a tree, a wide expanse of fields, the brow of a cliff, a peak of a mountain, a seashore, an olive grove, a barley swaying in the breeze. All of them are able to form common architectutal features. Like a small enclosing wall that doubled as seating.

In an era of conscious distancing from any experiential condition, our office persists on the value of collective memory. The body of the architecture of the store has as spinal bones: a shaded siesta under the summer sun· a seat on the roots of an olive tree· a whitewashed yard· a decaying drystone wall· a lonely chapel· a sunday family table· the smell of the herbs and olive oil. The design invite the visitor to find his own retreat and maybe find a way to approach a product through his senses; the touch, the smell, the vision, the joy of discovery.

The 750m2 of the main floor and a loft, is treated as a traditional mediterranean settlement; with a central square filled with trees and benches; a back yard with a pebble patio and a pergola; pure whitewashed walls with wooden shutters; and white clay pots filled with herbs and flowers. The “Welcoming” is a custome-made wooden installation of a “Sunday Family Table” filled with “natural flavours”; a pie made of cotton wool, a loaf made of cashmere, a flagon made of coconut fibers. Afterwards, the footsteps of the visitors are guided to the “Mediterranean Yard”; their feet can feel the pebble floor; their eyes can sense the shadows of the pergola; and they can smell the dropping leaves of the ficus. On the other side of the road the “Siesta” set is located; a raised wooden platform hosts a bed filled with soft pillows and a sky of white linen curtains hanged down from a wooden forehead.

People then walk down the alley full of traditional pots from crete; seat on a bench filled with stipa tenuissima; climb stairs; have a peek into a house through natural ceramic shades; and select material goods having as an ally a space that gives them the freedom to dream.

“I close my eyes and hear the cicadas’ prayer. A gust of winf whispers over my skin”

Photoshoot 43
Construction 14
3D Presentation 7