LOCATIONLassi, Kefalonia
STATUSCompleted 2019

Architect: Maria Sfyraki & Associates
Interior Design: Maria Sfyraki & Associates
Photography: Anastasia Adamaki
Renderings: CAD Monkeys

Main Suppliers:
Wooden Constructions: Pro Wood
Tiles & Sanitary ware: Bagno Y Bagno
Fabrics: Sarlas Contracts
Wet System Wallpapers: Carteco




The main challenge of this phase of the project lay in the re-definition and re-formation of the pilot room layouts. Our main inspiration despite the extraordinary natural terra of the plot was the dream of our client: “I dreamt a family warm hotel welcoming for all guests to feel they visited a home away from home…”

Just ten minutes away from Makris Gialos, the hotel is surrounded by lush greenery, a dense pine forest, a breathtaking landscape and an amazing beach at is “feet”. The natural scenery has set the style of the hotel from its first steps in 2004, well known for its romantic and renaissance feeling. The work plan is about a five years period of holistic, indoor and outdoor, renovation activities.

Six pilot rooms where selected in different building volumes and levels. The design approach was twofold: to use Modernist-inspired architecture as an elegantly dynamic synthetical element; and to intensify the “sense of Tuscany” that the whole plot is exhales. Simplicity, clarity, functionality and elegance, fundamental principles of the office, are the dominant feeling from the moment the guest sets foot in the new suites. The sense of comfort is imprinted in the interior details. The feeling of the cool stone floor under their feet, the relaxing chaise longue, the eclectic decor, the conceptual wall papers and the custom-made furniture’s, create a simple and charming space.

Photoshoot 11
Construction 12
3D Presentation 8